Why Reusable Produce Bags are Better than Plastic and Paper Bags?

The use of reusable produce bags is gaining ground with every passing day. More and more people realize the significance of making the switch from plastic and paper bags to reusable fabric bags. If you are still on the fence about using reusable produce bags, consider these reasons to choose them over plastic or even paper bags.


Reusable and mesh produce bags are made with cotton. Some companies even use organic cotton to make different kinds of reusable bags.

Unlike plastic, cotton will breakdown quickly and dissolve into the soil without harming it. Cotton bags won’t end up clogging one landfill after another. In any case, cotton bags last for many years. So, it is very unlikely that you are going to throw one away after using them just on a few occasions.

On the other hand, plastic can remain in the landfills for centuries. Plastic is already choking the earth’s oceans and other water bodies. It is harming the animals as they mistakenly consume them and it proves fatal for them.

White cotton bags are also free from toxic dyes. So, you can rest assured that no harmful chemicals seeped into the soil during the coloring process of the bag’s raw material.

Chemicals can seep into the groundwater and contaminate it. The contaminated water can harm the animals and plant life. It can also contaminate the water you will drink. It is quite possible that the toxins remain undetected for years. So, it can have an adverse effect on all living beings using it in some form or the other.

When it comes to paper bags; unless recycled material is used, making paper bags requires sacrificing the trees. Again, paper bags also offer one-time use only.


Face it; paper bags are just not sturdy enough to carry heavy loads. Almost everyone has faced the situation when the paper bag splits open and scatters the produce in the store’s parking lot, the car’s boot, or anywhere else for that matter!

Most plastic bags are not sturdy enough for heavy loads. If you use it to carry apples, melons, or any heavy produce, you need to hold it from the bottom and close to your chest. It is very unlikely that you can carry just about any plastic bag with a heavy load inside it by its thin handles.

But reusable bags are made with cotton. Cloth bags are sturdier than bags made with paper or plastic. If you buy superior quality fabric bags, you need not worry about your groceries spilling anywhere at all. The cloth bag will not rip open like plastic or paper bags.

Quality cloth bags can last you for a long time. You can wash them as needed and continue to use them for years down the line. The sturdiness of reusable cloth bags also translates into economic use.


Reusable bags offer versatile use that you cannot get out of plastic or paper bags. You can use canvas or mesh produce bags to store your pantry items. You can use reusable cloth bags to store fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs inside and outside the refrigerator. You can use these bags to store various things in the kitchen and the pantry.

You can use reusable produce bags for other applications as well. You can use large and small bags around the house to store fresh laundry, used clothes, toys, and other things. You can use them to organize the clothes in your closet.

Reusable produce bags can be used to carry extra books that students need every now and then. You can carry one or more with you when you go shopping in the mall. You won’t need to pay for expensive plastic bags from the stores this way. You can even use a reusable mesh tote as a sturdy beach bag.

To Conclude

When you buy reusable produce bags, pay attention to the stitches on the handles and the sides. Ensure that the stitches are close together and strong. The handles must be a bit broad, at least. With a little scrutiny, you can buy perfectly sturdy reusable produce bags.