Top Tips When Shopping Boxers for Women

Is It Time for a Wardrobe Update: Boxers for Women?

The whole concept of boxers for women came into being a while ago. This was an idea designed to give the impression of being feminine while being comfortable. Let’s face it, for women, we don’t have too many options of underwear where those two words gel in together. Also, when it comes to underwear, there is almost an understanding that women need to don “sexy lingerie” or underwear that boasts their curves. Now, while there is nothing wrong with wearing thongs or bikini briefs (some people just like they way they feel), if you’re staying away from boxers for women solely because of the word “boxers” and how they’re usually associated with men, it’s time for a wardrobe update for you (specifically, your underwear drawer).

Why So Popular: Boxers for Women

According to surveys from major online retail stores, boxers for women have become the next best thing. They are selling like hotcakes, and it is easily one of the top-selling undergarments. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, simply picture this. A type of underwear that you can wear for your day-to-day activities, works with your jeans, dresses, skirts, and shorts, and is super comfortable because they don’t cause chafing. Oh, and of course, it’s just a bonus that women happen to look rather ravishing in them.

Top 5 Tips While Shopping Boxers for Women

Now that you’ve realized you’re supposed to be buying boxers for women, what are some of the things to look out for while buying them, you ask? You’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 tips to consider while shopping for women’s boxers.

Tip #1: A Fabric That Best Suits You

You don’t want to end up with the wrong kind of underwear fabric. While choosing boxers for women, find a fabric that is seamless as well as comfortable. There are a variety of fabrics in this regard, like synthetic or semi-polyester, but when it comes to boxers for women, it’s best you go with soft cotton- something that works well with your skin too. Of course, 100% cotton works too- very breathable and helps prevent yeast infections (easily developed with synthetic material).

Tip #2: Boxers That Go with Your Attire

If you’re thinking of buying boxers for women to go with specific outfits, then make sure you select the size and color accordingly. For instance, a white dress would reveal a black pair of boxers. The good news though, is that boxers for women do not reveal panty lines, even if worn with body-hugging outfits because they fit under the buttocks. The best tip would be to choose the matching size and color with the outfits you have in mind and go with pairs that can act as a universal match.

Tip #3: Must Compliment Your Body Shape

There are umpteen types of body shapes, especially when it comes to women. Us gorgeous creatures like to embrace our curves, but that doesn’t mean a woman of a smaller build cannot also look drop-dead gorgeous in boxers for women. The only thing you need to look out for is knowing your exact body type or shape. For instance, a pair of boxers that look stunning on your friend may not be the optimal pick for you. With the variety of women’s underwear readily available to you, make sure you take your time to pick out what compliments your body shape the best.

Tip #4: Finding Your Optimal Size

Remember that while you hold that measuring tape against your waist, it is always best to measure it while a little lose. The last thing you want are boxers that fit too tight, leading to unflattering lumps and potential chafing. Also, keep your natural waist size and your hip size ready when buying boxers for women, especially online. Make sure to double-check with the sizing chart if you’re making this purchase online, keeping in mind that often underwear bought online cannot be returned.

Tip #5: Always Opt for a Loose Elasticated Waistband

Nothing screams comfort quite like elastic. While you’re doing that, make sure the waistline is wide and a little loose (maybe one size higher). While elastic is essential, nothing hurts more than the elastic scratch on your waistline!