Tips for Buying the Best Tanning Lotion for Tanning Beds

There are many people that feel more confident when their skin has a healthy glow and nice natural looking tan. With confidence comes a lifting of the spirits, and a more satisfying social life, but what are you to do when you can’t get out to the beach to soak up some rays? Check out the best tanning lotion for any tanning bed.

Indoor tanning beds are very popular during the winter months, or for those that live far from the beach or can’t make the trip to the beach very often. But, when it comes up using indoor tanning beds you need to take the proper precautions to ensure you have good results, and to minimize possible discomforts. By using the best tanning lotion for tanning bed, you can ensure a safe session, and even better results in a short amount of time. How do you choose the best tanning lotion for you? Below are some tips in determining what tanning lotion is right for you.

Understanding the Various Types of Tanning Lotions Available

When it comes to choosing the best tanning lotion for tanning beds, there are several options. These options depend on whether you want a deeper tan, adjust the amount of time you are under the tanning light, or dealing with the drying properties of the hot UV light. To understand these better, you need to know what each does exactly.


A larger number of the best tanning lotions for tanning beds have bronzers within them. Bronzers help you obtain a deeper tan, and they can do so very quickly after applying them. Bronzers will generally have a level indicated on them with numbers (10x or 30x are most common.) The use of bronzers as stated above are mostly to get a deeper tan, but you can also use them to shorten your tanning session, as you’ll get to your target tan level sooner than without a bronzer. To ensure the bronzer is to your liking, you should look at the lotion color itself in the bottle; that should be the best indicator of the level of color you’ll receive from it.

Cooling Lotions

Cooling lotions help you feel more comfortable under the light of an indoor tanning bed. A cooling lotion may be the best tanning lotion for a tanning bed if you want to feel more relaxed while in the indoor tanning bed, and if you want to help reduce your feelings of being hot or sticky after tanning.

Shimmering Lotions

Shimmering lotions are also considered to be some of the best tanning lotions for any tanning bed. They are available to give you more of a glow and shimmer after tanning. Make sure you check the lotion in the bottle to see if it’s the effect you want, as some can result in a glittery look.


Accelerators do what they sound like they do: they speed up the rate at which you will get a tan. Accelerators are the best tanning lotion for tanning bed beginners who are looking to get a base tan. They also include a lot of moisturizers, which are great for keeping your skin moisturized during the indoor tanning session because the table lights can dry out your skin quickly, resulting in an ashy look after. Moisturized skin also ensures a faster tanning result, getting dry skin slows down the tanning process.

Intensifiers and Maximizers

Intensifiers and maximizers are the best tanning lotion for tanning beds if you already have a base tan and are looking to deepen it further. These types of lotions have less moisturizers in them generally, so if you are transitioning from accelerators you need to be prepared for having dryer skin at the end of the session.

Tingle Lotions

Tingle lotions help by increasing the blood flow to the surface of your skin, which increases the level of melanin. This can result in your skin looking reddened or flushed for a short period of time after applying it, and a tingling sensation. These may be the best tanning lotion for tanning beds if you enjoy the sensation.

How Do You Decide Which Tanning Bed Lotion to Choose?

Choosing the best tanning lotion for tanning beds comes down to preference, and whether you are looking to build up a base tan or to deepen a tan you already have. For comfort’s sake, and to help reduce the amount of time you need to spend in an indoor tanning bed, it’s recommended that you get a tanning lotion that has enough moisturizer in it that your skin surface does not dry out during the session. As well, no matter the lotion you buy, always ensure you get full, even coverage when applying your tanning lotion; you don’t want an uneven and unsightly tanning result afterwards!