Things to Know When Buying Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

In order to prepare the best pour over coffee, you need the best pour over coffee maker. You can’t simply buy one without considering some factors. It is easy to make coffee using a pour over coffee maker. But its selection certainly merits that you give it full attention and proper time.

Here are the things to know when buying the best pour over coffee maker.

Dripper’s Design

There are different varieties of drippers or pots available in the market to brew pour over coffee. So, it can be a bit confusing to select one that turns out to be the right fit for you. To ensure you buy the right dripper, concentrate on its design features.

The bottom hole –

The hole at the bottom of the dripper is an important feature that can impact the quality of the brew. Some drippers have one hole while other designs come with multiple small holes. The ideal design is one that comes with a large hole for a seamless flow of brewed liquid.

Multiple tiny holes can interfere with the water’s flow by clogging the exit point. Tiny holes may work well to some extent when the dripper isn’t clogged with coffee grounds. But even then there is the risk of water’s flow becoming slow to make the coffee bitter or intense than the taste you prefer.

One large hole helps with the perfect extraction of the coffee grounds as there is no interference with the water’s flow.

The spiral ridges –

The spirals inside the dripper slow the water’s flow to help enhance the coffee’s flavor. If you pour the water directly over the coffee grounds, the blooming process won’t be as good as when the water flows slowly over them. Spiral ridges help precisely with the latter. So, ensure that the dripper you buy has this important design feature.

The wall angles –

Angled walls provide maximum space for the brewing process. Angled walls also help water to reach the coffee grounds with the desired speed. Angled walls are useful as you can use different sizes and types of filters in them.

When buying a dripper, ensure that the angles are steep enough for allowing the balanced flow of liquid.

The Material

You will find the best pour over coffee dripper in plastic, metal, and ceramic. But if you want a dripper that will retain the heat in the best way possible then choose a ceramic one. Plastic is not at all ideal as it doesn’t offer any heat-retaining benefits but can seep toxins into your brew. Ceramic is a safe material that way. You can find safe metals for brewing purposes. But metal drippers won’t retain heat as well as ceramic ones.

Ceramic is also easy to clean. Good quality of ceramic won’t stain easily too.

The Size

Size is an important factor when buying a pour over coffee maker. You can buy a dripper that can brew one cup of coffee or two at a time. Brewed coffee tastes best when consumed fresh. So, choose the dripper size as per your requirements.

If you need two cups of coffee back-to-back then it is best to choose one that can brew your desired coffee quantity at the same time. It will help you save time. If one cup is enough for you then choose a smaller sized one so that you can brew a fresh cup efficiently any time you need coffee.

The Add-Ons

Add-ons matter when you want to brew the perfect cup of coffee using a pour over coffee maker. Choose the right filters for the coffee. A good quality cone filter that fits well in the dripper is just right. Cone filters help brew intense coffee. When you use it with a pour over coffee maker, you can control the brewing process and still get a rich beverage.

Ensure that the holes in the filter are right for the coffee grounds you use. Select the material that you prefer whether its paper to metal.

Drink the coffee in a nice ceramic cup so that your brew doesn’t get cold too fast. Choose good quality coffee grounds that will ensure perfect taste for your brew.