Things to Consider While Buying a Girls Gym Bag

When sporting equipment is in question, there are some things just as important as a gym bag. Therefore, it is important to consider a few factors before making the purchase of a girls gym bag. The thing to remember is that while other equipment may wear off or become outgrown, a good quality gym bag could last you for years. After all, it’s not really something you’d want to be buying every year. As long as you keep the following factors in mind while looking for a girl’s gym bag, you should be in good hands:

Factor #1: Material

Your gym bag is only as good as what its made of! Years ago, the most popularly used material for gym bags was canvas because it was durable, easy to maintain, and lightweight in nature. Also, they were quite affordable, and therefore, it became a hit, almost instantly. However, with gyming becoming a regular routine, people started realizing it’s one major flaw: it was not odor-repellent. Throwing in your dirty shoes or sweaty workout clothes became an issue. This is when nylon came into the picture. Not only did it help beat the odor problem with canvas, it got global recognition for it being lightweight, robust, and odor-free. The only thing to keep in mind is to look for good-quality nylon and you’re good to go! 

Factor #2: Size

There is a wide misconception of girl’s gym bags being smaller in size compared to a guy’s gym bag. This may or may not be true and varies greatly from person to person. For instance, women usually carry more beauty products to use post-workout. Therefore, make sure to buy a gym bag that suits your needs. The last thing you want is buying a gym bag you really like and finding out it won’t hold everything you need at the gym. Ensure it fits everything you need with some extra room to spare- you never know what will come up in the future! 

Factor #3: Compartments

The number of compartments you need in your gym bag depends entirely on your needs. For instance, if you want to carry your office supplies along with you, get a girl’s gym bag with a dedicated laptop sleeve. If you want a gym bag with a shoe compartment, ensure the gym bag has a separate mesh compartment big enough to fit your shoes. Ideally, whatever post-workout items you need to throw in there, make sure there are enough counters to keep your workout clothes separated from the others. In such cases, making sure they are odor-free is crucial. Additionally, having extra pouches for towels, office papers, your purse, and other essentials would be helpful! 

Factor #4: Carrying Straps

This is often a factor most women leave out while buying gym bags. While the material of the bag is just as important, you must consider it’s the strap. After all, all the weight of your gym bag lies in the straps. If you are a heavy traveler, you might want to make sure your straps are padded and wide (as opposed to a non-padded, thin-strapped bag). The comfort and strength of your girl’s gym bag straps must be prioritized above all else. While your clothes and gym shoes may not seem terribly heavy, once they are damp, they increase in weight. Add along the rest of your gym essentials, and it becomes quite the load. Choose wisely! 

Factor #5: Versatility

Let’s not forget women are smart creatures: we won’t buy a bag just for one purpose. Versatility is key! Your gym bag could be used as a travel bag, or a picnic bag or even a bag to take to work if it’s fancy enough. If your bag is desired to serve multiple purposes, get one that adapts to your requirements. Better safe than sorry! 

Factor #6: Construction & Security

Lastly, the construction and security of a girl’s gym bag is essential. When it comes to choosing the right gym bag for you, you must look out for things no one else looks for. While material and durability play huge roles here, keep an eye out for the overall construction of the bag. Its hardware construction, for instance, is something you must look out for. Additionally, a high-grade rust resistive nature is something very helpful in the future. Durable brass-made zippers ensure you will have this bag for a while. And finally, check for types of clasps, fasteners, and other such security mechanisms.