Steps for Buying a DIY Clock Movement Kit

A DIY clock movement kit is for those who genuinely possess the passion for authentic clocks. You can install the movement inside the clock case with the instructions that come with the kit. But it is important to buy authentic kits with quality parts for proper assembly.

Here are the steps for buying a DIY clock movement kit.

Find a Genuine Seller

In order to buy a genuine DIY clock movement kit, you first need to find a genuine seller for the same. Look for authorized sellers, retailers, or dealerships dealing in DIY clock movement kits. It is best to choose a seller, also selling different types of floors and other clocks requiring movement. Such sellers will have a better understanding of the industry. They will also have more variety of kits available with them to fit different types of clock cases.

You can conduct an online search to find websites of DIY clock movement kit and clock sellers. Check these websites to browse through their collection. What kinds of brands are available with the seller? Are there client testimonials present on the website? Is there an office address given on the website? Are different types of payment options available with the seller?

These factors will help you find a genuine seller of clocks and DIY kits.

Carefully Inspect the Kit

Once you have finalized a seller or two, check the collection of kits available with them. If you find what you are looking for then read the description of the product. Check details like dial size, weight drop, width, depth, and the pendulum length.

Check the components of the kit. What kinds of chime and dial are included in it? Does the kit contain weight shells, fillings, pendulum bob, hands, gong assembly, and other hardware?

Read about the shipping details. Most kits are shipped in multiple packages due to different parts and their sizes. So, it is important to find the information about the shipping policy of the seller before you make your purchase. If the product is available for instant shipping, it will be mentioned on its page. Most sellers also list when a product will be next available with them. So, check the information before making the payment. If you need the kit immediately, you will perhaps not want to delay buying it. In that case, you can inquire about it with the seller or check elsewhere.

Not all kits fit into all types of clock cases. You should be able to find the information about the right clock cases to use with the kit in the product description.

Check the warranty of the product. You should get at least three years of warranty on the kit you buy from genuine sellers.

Discuss the Requirements with the Seller

If you are confused about which kit to buy, a genuine seller will help you out by pointing you in the right direction. Sellers can also guide you about the installation process in case you face any difficulty with the process.

Even if you are satisfied with the kit, it is better to discuss the requirements with the seller before you finalize the product. Genuine sellers are more than happy to interact with prospective and existing customers and help them out with their purchases. Perhaps the seller or the sellers’ representative will be able to recommend a better DIY kit than the one you wish to buy. Perhaps you might be able to negotiate a better price when dealing directly with the seller.

Genuine sellers will be responsive to your inquiries and promptly offer help without you needing to waste your time. Even though detailed instructions for installing the kit come with the product, it can be challenging for those attempting it for the first time. Clock movements require careful handling for perfect installment. For this reason, authentic sellers are always happy to assist their customers.

Buy the Kit

Once you are satisfied with all the components of the kit and its cost, you can go ahead and buy the kit. When you receive the kit, check if all the components are included in it before you begin to install it.