Safety Measures in Buying and Using Tent Heaters

Gone are the days when we have to collect firewood and start making a campfire to stay warm during a memorable camping vacation.

But still, we have our doubts. Are heaters for tents safe for use?

Well, there is no size that fits all. The answer depends on many factors. As we move ahead let us delve into them one by one.

Factors to consider while buying heaters for tents

Here is a list of factors you should check before finalizing on your camping tent heater:

Source of electricity: If your camping site has a power source, you could opt for an electric heater. Else, propane heaters should be your choice. If you carry additional refills of propane, you are good to go with your camping nights. So, check with your campsite about the same before moving on to your heater shopping.

Budget: Camp tent heaters are available in various budget ranges. The cheaper ones might sound light on the pocket but your safety might be compromised. This also doesn’t mean that the costliest heaters promise safety. No. Look for established brands that guarantee warranty and offer heaters in the medium price range.

Features: Choose tent heaters that have modern facilities such as auto tip in incase of any unforeseen incidents. They help avoid major hazards and you can have peace of mind. Check for the label – “For indoor use” on any tent heater. When choosing a tent heater, check if it is tilt proof and comes with a low oxygen level detector.

Seek friend’s advice: If you are embarking on your first camping or had an unpleasant experience with camp heaters in the last camping, make sure to reach out to friends and family members who have good experience in camping. Take their suggestions about choosing the brand of heater. You might as well get a solid piece of advice that might save bucks for you as well as guarantee safety.

Size of tent: Bigger sized tents might need propane-based heaters. If you have a power source at the camping site, you might safely choose an electric heater too. For small camping tents, battery-powered models are best suited.

The number of people: This decides the size of the tent indirectly. For one person, a smaller to medium tent might suffice, and thus a tent heater might be chosen accordingly. For two persons, the tent shall be bigger and you would need a tent heater of capacity 2000 BTUs.

Safety measures while using tent heaters:

First, we should understand that despite its make and model, any tent heater might cause hazards. It is, after all, made to heat the surroundings. So, care should be taken from our side not to make it the culprit.

Follow these precautions to enjoy a safer camping experience with your tent heater:

•  Soon after purchasing tent heaters, read the instruction manual end to end. The manufacturer indicates the dos and don’ts of your new purchase.

•  Additionally, you should gather enough knowledge on carbon monoxide suffocation and understand how to detect it and safeguard yourself from it.

•  Do not forget to pack a carbon monoxide detector in your camping tool kit.

•  If the tent heater is already an old one, check if it has still a warranty. Else, get it checked with an expert before heading on to the camping.

•  If you are using a propane tent heater, make sure to put the propane tank outside the tent and heater inside while in use. Double-check that the connecting hose is tight enough and is not leaking the gas in any way.

•  Allow sufficient ventilation for airflow and moisture to move in and out of your tent. This reduces the risks of gas leaks if any.

•  Place the heater six inches, four feet, and three feet away from the sides, the top, and the front of the tent respectively.

•  Keep away all the flammable and items that might get heated such as clothes, plastic bags, and sleeping pillows, and bags from the tent heater.


Tent heaters are like any other equipment that we use in our daily life. It is up to us to choose a proven brand not compromising on cost or our safety. When handled with care and knowledge, one can enjoy the fullest benefits of tent heaters.