Importance of Eco – Friendly Canvas Grocery Bags

With tons of plastic building up everywhere – from the bottom of the ocean to the tips of the mountains – It is high time that we need to solve this problem to end the menace for plastic pollution. Unlike many other modern materials, plastic not only requires valuable resources for producing such as natural gas and petroleum but also pervades the environment on a huge scale due to its inability to breaking down. Plastic bags take up to one thousand years for degradation. This means breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces as plastic is not biodegradable. Despite this fact, on average, a plastic bag is used for just 12 minutes before it is thrown away, thus creating a mammoth plastic waste in waterways, streets, and landfills. Fortunately, one of the most economical and simplest ways of decreasing the consumption of plastic is by using eco-friendly canvas grocery bags. There are multiple advantages of using these bags included increased convenience, reduction of waste and much more.

Less amount of plastic waste in the environment

On a yearly basis, over 500 billion bags are used across the globe. That comes to approximate 150 plastic bags for every individual per year. Now, if you connect all these bags from end to end, it will circumnavigate the world over 4,200 times. Without any doubt, canvas grocery bags will reduce this number significantly.

Pollution, ingestion, and photodegradation

Plastic bags that do not get dumped at the landfill or make it to the recycling planta re at high risk for photodegradation (light exposure that releases toxic polymer particles), pollution (10% of all coastline debris) or ingestion (over 100,000 mammals every year). The usage of eco-friendly bags helps in reducing the amount of plastic bags that enter the environment and the possibilities thereafter.

Less use of natural resources and fossil fuels in the coming years

For producing plastic bags every year in the US, only it takes 12 million barrels of oil and that excluding disposal and transport. By investing in canvas grocery bags, you are contributing to less use of fossil fuel, saving precious water and also promoting more sustainable resource distribution.

Avoiding tax on plastic

Many cities, stores, and even countries are banning the usage of plastic bags or taxing any necessary usage of them. When switching to eco-friendly bags, you can able to avoid the extra expense when going shopping.

Less money required for cleanup

It requires 4,000 dollars for recycling one ton of plastic bags, and then a product is created that can be sold for 30 to 35 dollars. Plastic bags are convenient and cheap for using, but they are quite expensive to clean up.  The taxpayer dollars and the money put towards cleanup of plastic waste can be much more beneficial elsewhere.

More comfortable and stronger

Canvas grocery bags are more durable and stronger than conventional plastic bags. They are also more comfortable to carry than HDPE bags. So, you can carry more items with less stress on your hands and body.

Show and support environmental friendliness

When making a habit of using bags made of eco-friendly material, you are showing noble support for the environment or any other cause. To make it attractive and interesting, you can purchase one with your favorite slogan or brand on it. There are various bags that are available in different bold messages, colors, and shapes.

Taking less space

Everyone has a plastic bag stashed in a cupboard or pantry. Ditch those plastic bags and have only one or two canvas bags for decluttering your room and of course, get relief from stress.


Most of these bags are made of natural materials and are biodegradable. Therefore, it is wise to trade in your plastic habits that take up to 1000 years for degrading into very small pieces for something that is not only eco-friendly but at the same time, returns to nature once you are finished using.

Reducing plastic pollution

Multiple problems are associated with excess waste of plastic bags. If only one person makes a switch to these bags rather than using plastic, s/he can save 22,000 plastic bags over a lifetime. When using an eco-friendly bag, you will shop, knowing that you are responsible for doing your bit to reduce the use of plastic bags for years to come.