Here Are the Top Benefits of Buying a White Standing Desk

Are you reading this post while standing at your desk? There are higher chances that you are standing –desks have become a rage and their benefits are being talked about everywhere.

Standing Desk

It is also referred to as a stand-up desk that allows you to stand up and work comfortably at your home or office. The latest versions can be adjustable so that you can easily change the height of the desk and shift between standing and sitting. Here are the top benefits of a white standing desk that are scientifically proven.

Reduces the Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain

An increase in weight is caused by consuming more calories than you burn. Conversely, weight loss is caused by burning more calories than you eat. While doing exercise is the best way for burning calories in quick time, simply standing instead of sitting is also beneficial. Studies show that when compared to an afternoon of sitting work, the same amount of time spent standing leads to burn off more than 170 extra calories. It comes to 1000 extra calories burned per week when simply standing at your desk. This caloric difference is one of the reasons why sitting for longer duration is strongly connected to metabolic disease and obesity.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

The more your level of blood sugar increase after meals, the more it will worsen your health. Especially this is true for people with type 2 -diabetes or insulin resistance. A study shows that among 20 office employees standing for 3 hours after lunch lowered the blood super spike by 40 to 43 percent compared to sitting for the same amount of time. Another study showed 30 office employees are sitting and standing alternatively after every half an hour throughout the workday and the result is a reduction of blood sugar spikes by 10 to 11 percent. The harmful effects of sitting after having meals explain why excessive sitting linked to over 100 percent greater risk of type 2-diabetes.

Increases Productivity

A common issue about the white standing desk is they create hindrance in daily tasks like typing. While it takes some time to get used to standing, standing desks have no major impact on daily work tasks. A study of 50 young office workers, using a standing desk for 5 hours daily had no impact on characters typed per minute or typing errors. Considering that standing improves energy and mood as well, a standing desk is more likely to enhance productivity rather than creating any hindrance.

Standing for Long Intervals increases Life Span

Research has found a strong connection between early death and sitting time. This is not at all surprising given the strong association among heart disease, type 2 –diabetes and sedentary time. A review of 20 studies found those who sit for most of their work time are at a 48 percent higher risk of dying early than those who sit the least duration. Another study shows that if sitting time is reduced to 3 hours daily that will raise the average person’s life span by 1.5 to 2 years. While these studies do not prove cause and effect, the weight of evidence points that standing more results in increasing our lifespan.

Helps in Reducing Back Pain

One of the common complaints of office employees who sit throughout the day is back pain. To check if a white standing desk can improve the situation, various studies have been done on employees suffering from long-term back pain. The report shows that after using standing desks for several weeks there is over 30 percent improvement in lower back pain. Another study found that using a sit0satnd desk helps to reduce neck pain and upper back by 50 percent after 1 month.

Standing reduces the risk of heart disease

Study shows that bus conductors who stood all day had half the risk of heart-disease related deaths than their colleagues in the driver’s seats. Researchers have developed a greater understanding of the effects of sitting on heart health with long sitting time led to increase the risk by up to 140 percent. Without any doubt, spending enough time on your feet is essential for keeping your heart healthy.