Five Reasons Why Society Must Switch to Reusable Shopping Bags Right Now

Cotton bags are making a huge comeback, replacing the hazardous plastic bags as a safer alternative. Here are five undeniable reasons why you should join the bandwagon, make the switch, and begin using reusable shopping bags, today.

1. Reuse. Recycle. Reduce.

While you may have heard, seen, or even practiced this golden rule, a reusable shopping bag will bring you closer to the green mantra, without any additional efforts. Cotton is a sturdier, economical, and reusable alternative to everyday shopping bags, including paper. You can machine-wash a cotton shopping bag making it a more hygienic alternative too.

Cotton bags lead to nearly zero wastage. Here is a small example, have an old cotton bag that may have been too worn to be used as a shopping bag? Turn it into a handy and inexpensive kitchen wash towel. Use your ingenuity and you can contribute to emptying landfills one cotton bag at a time.

Apart from their role as reusable shopping bags, cotton bags can be used as stylish beach totes, diaper bags, floor rugs, and what not! You can incorporate a reusable bag in many different areas of your life, effectively making greener choices.

2. Reusable Shopping Bags Save Money.

Contributing to emptying landfills, a sustainable environment for the next generation, or taking tiny steps to curb climate change may not motivate many, but a pro-tip to save the monies certainly does. Many stores have now begun charging customers for a plastic carry bag. While some may look at it as too much effort to save a dime, compute the total cost spent on a month, and then a year. That is the case for your personal finance; allow us to show you the bigger picture—saving tax payers’ money. A study reports that New York City authorities spend over $12 million annually to dispose off plastic waste. This fact reveals the impact of plastic waste on the monetary resources of a city.

Reusable shopping bags are more than an alternative to plastic; they are a cost-saving, profitable option for economies.

3. Reusable Shopping Bags Carry More Weight and Keep the Produce Fresh.

You will agree that the weight-carrying capacity of plastic bags have made them super convenient and the preferred option. Naturally, then, any alternative will be judged for its weight-carrying capacity. In that department, cotton offers strength along with the sustainability. Reusable shopping bags made of cotton accommodate everything easily, without you having to fear it getting torn. The natural weave and cohesive strength of cotton make it a durable shopping bag alternative.

Furthermore, cotton makes for a breathable fabric, allowing fruits and vegetables to retain their natural freshness. Swap a plastic bag with a mesh cotton bag to store your fruits and veggies and marvel at the difference yourself.

4. You Can Customize Your Reusable Shopping Bag.

You can add a touch of your style to your reusable shopping bag. From an inspiring quote to a trendy pattern, you can have your cotton shopping bag customized to your taste. You can have something printed or embroidered to add color to an otherwise dull shopping bag.

5. Reusable Shopping Bags are Pet Friendly.

Apart from the hazards caused to the environment, plastic bags can be a health hazard to young children and pets. You may have notice your pet playing with a plastic bag. While you may think of it as innocent play, it can cause a choking hazard to them. Pets get easily attracted to the bright colors of the bag, the crinkling sound of plastic, and the smell of food earlier stored in the bag. By replacing such plastic bags with reusable shopping bags, you make your home safer for your pets.

Going green is the need of the hour. Believe it or not, the little switch you make by using reusable shopping bags helps the environment, protects endangered animals, and helps you save some of your monies too.

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