Everything You Need to Know About Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

With increasing awareness about the global impact of plastic, people are moving toward more environment-friendly ways of grocery shopping. Most people try to reduce their plastic usage by using reusable tote bags and shopping bags.

While this is one of the first and crucial ways of reducing plastic waste, there is more we can do to reduce plastic usage. You must have seen extremely thin plastic produce bags used in your local store. These plastic bags may go unnoticed, but they are a great contributor to the litter that ends in landfills.

These bags cannot be reused as they rip very easily. Also, they are extremely difficult to recycle. In such a case, it is essential to choose a better alternative to these bags.

Reusable mesh produces bags – A better choice

Incorporating a reusable mesh produce bag in your shopping regime can bring a colossal difference. They are a better alternative to plastic produce bags that can be used only once.

Not to mention plastic is extremely harmful to the environment as well as the stored fruits and vegetables. Hence using a Reusable mesh produce bag is a better alternative.

Some of the benefits of using Reusable mesh produce bags are mentioned below.

1.  Reusable

Mesh produce bags are reusable which means a single bag will last you more than an average plastic bag. It will help you reduce the amount of plastic waste. The waste reduction may seem insignificant, but over time makes a colossal impact on the environment.

2.  Healthy and safe

Storing your fruits and veggies in plastic bags is not a healthy option. A lot of chemicals are used in manufacturing plastic. It is no surprise that it is not the best material to store your edible fruits and vegetables. Moreover, fresh fruits and vegetables are more likely to get spoiled when stored in a nonbreathable plastic bag.

On the other hand, a mesh bag is extremely breathable and will help you store your fruits and vegetables easily for a longer duration of time. Your produce will remain fresh as well as healthy in a reusable mesh bag.

3.  Convenient

Apart from being healthy and safe, your mesh bag is also more convenient for your fresh produce. You can easily use the bags for storing your produce in the refrigerator. You can carry your produce and wash them in the bag itself. For some green vegetables, storing them in a damp bag will help them remain fresh for a longer duration.

Sizes available

Your reusable mesh produce bags are available in many sizes variations. Your fruits and vegetables do not come in a single size. Therefore, having size variation in the case of your produce bag is not only important as well as mandatory.

The best alternative is to have a well-balanced mix of sizes so that you can choose the suitable size when needed. The three most commonly used sizes are:


A large reusable mesh bag is suitable for carrying to your local store and vendor. You can accommodate a lot of fruits and vegetables in your large produce bag.

You can also use them for storing large quantities of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.


As the name suggests, a medium is somewhere in between the two size variants. You probably will be using this size the most. It can be used to store larger size produce.

You can also use it to keep bulk quantities of different fruits and vegetables.


You probably won’t be using your small bags as much as you use the other two variants. However, it is a good idea to have a few small bags at your disposal.

Your small mesh bag will be suitable for storing produces like garlic, mushrooms, Brussels, beans, shallots, etc.

For small quantities of fruits and vegetables, you may not want to use a large bag, and mixing them can create chaos. In such a case, a small produce bag can be used to keep things organized and segregated.