Everything You Need To Know About Postmates Promo Codes

One of the leading companies in the on-demand delivery space since 2011, Postmates has become the go-to service for quick deliveries in cities and suburbs in the United States. Do you want to order takeout from your favorite restaurant? Or get ice cream, pizza, burgers, cakes, and other snack items? Flowers from the florist? Groceries from the grocery store? Bath items and accessories from the spa shop? Clothing and shoes from a fashion store? Supplies from the convenience store, the hardware store, or the electronics store? Perhaps you need medicines, vitamins, and supplements?

Postmates can pick up almost any items from anywhere in your city—except for living animals, drugs, weapons, and other legally prohibited things—and deliver them right to your doorstep in the shortest possible amount of time. You can customize the delivery for non-contact delivery or curbside pickup both at your home and office.

To get started with Postmates, you can sign up for their service on their website, or you can download the mobile app on your device. You can then enter your home address and start shopping for what you need. Postmates are in partnership with over 25,000 businesses; if there is a green checkmark next to the business name, it means it is a Partner Merchant. And they will charge significantly lower delivery charges for these businesses as compared to what they will charge for those that they are not in partnership with.

You can get further reductions in delivery prices or on your total purchase price by using Postmates promo codes. You can find these in the Promos and Credit section of their website/app.

How to use Postmates promo codes

It is easy to use Postmates promo codes. You can open the Postmates app and search for the business options available locally in your city. The Postmates’ front screen will show the most popular businesses as well as their Partner Merchant businesses. Click Activate Cashback to visit the store.

After selecting the item you want to order, you can add it to the cart and click or tap on the view cart. You will see a promo code box near the total payment. You can paste or type the Postmates promo code into this box and click or tap on the apply button. If the coupon is valid for the purchase, you will be able to see how much you can save. Then you can place your order and await your delivery.

Types of Postmates promo codes

Postmates offer various promo codes on a rotating basis, so you can have plenty of options to get the best available offers. Here are a few examples:

•  Coupon to get $10 off on your order.

•  Coupon to get $5 off on the first five orders at Postmates.

•  Discount code to get free $100 delivery credit.

•  Discount code to get free delivery for seven days.

•  Deal to get free delivery from trending restaurants.

•  Deal to get a free trial on Postmates Unlimited.

•  Deal to sign up for Postmates Unlimited for only $9.99 per month.

•  Deal to get an Unlimited annual subscription for only $9.99.

•  10% cashback offer on deliveries for new customers.

•  Free shipping on two orders.

•  Free delivery on favorites

•  Promo code for earning $15 after spending $10.

•  Promo code for $15 off on first order and free delivery.

Where to find Postmates promo codes

You can find a range of promo codes on the Postmates website/app and also on many other websites offering coupons. There will be different coupons based on different seasons, cities, and so on. Some Postmates promo codes may be available only for limited periods, so you may want to check frequently to find current and upcoming discounts and free offers. You will also be able to get information about weekend events, popular eateries, and more. Additionally, you will receive notifications for special deals such as Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals, Halloween deals, Cash Bay days, and more.

To stay updated on all the offers, you can subscribe to the website newsletters, if they have one, or follow Postmates and the other coupon sites on various social media platforms.