Baby Bottle Makers – Things You Should Know

Using a baby bottle maker is great way to feed infants and smaller children. It sports a revolutionary design to ensure kids can feed safely without any risk of tummy issues.

Here are the things you should know about baby bottle maker.

Baby bottle makers reduce instances of colic in infants and toddlers

Colic refers to non-stop crying of infants for no apparent reason. The main cause attributed to colic is tummy discomfort or pain. When babies feed with bottles, they tend to suck in a lot of air. Even blended formula or cereal can contain air bubbles due to the whisking motion of the high-powered blenders. The air inside the tummy can cause pain, gas, and other discomforts to babies.

A baby bottle maker is designed in a way to address this problem. The bottles contain vents at the bottom prevent the air from mixing with the milk inside it. The formula or the blended food can pass through the nipples more smoothly without air interrupting its way. The amount of air that will get inside your baby’s tummy is significantly lower when you use a baby bottle maker.

The blender inside the bottles helps to blend the food in the right consistency. It reduces air bubbles inside the food. You can blend the food and feed your baby from the bottle itself. It is also ideal to blend all kinds of formulas and cereal.

Baby bottle makers are designed with babies’ comfort in mind

The design of the baby bottle maker is ideal for infants and smaller children. The silicone nipple of the bottle closely resembles a woman’s nipples. It helps the babies to latch on to it easily. The shape of the bottle is such that babies can hold one in their hands comfortably. You can buy detachable handles if you feel it will help your baby hold onto the bottle more easily.

The nipples come with different flow speeds. You can buy detachable nipples as per your baby’s age and needs. You can easily buy a baby bottle maker with five different speed flows including a sippy cup. So, your child can continue to use the baby bottle maker even post the infancy stage.

Baby bottle makers are made with safe materials

Toxicity is a real problem in today’s world where products made with low-quality materials are available easily and at reduced costs. But it is important to use quality and safe materials for baby products.

Baby bottle makers are made with safe materials that are free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Toxins will not seep into your baby’s food when you use a baby bottle maker made with extremely safe materials. 

Baby bottle makers are easy to use

It is extremely easy to use a baby bottle maker. You can blend the food in a jiffy. It is also designed for the convenience of parents and caregivers. You need not use separate mixing bowls, spatulas, blenders, and bottles to prepare your baby’s formula or cereal. The fewer utensils and tools you use; the less washing up you will need to do.

You can also use a baby bottle maker on the go. You can keep it charged using the USB rechargeable base that comes with it. You can check the battery levels with the indicators available on the bottle. So, you can keep it ready for use when you need to move around the town for chores with your baby in tow.

You can blend the food just when your baby needs to feed. You need not keep the blended food ready hours before your baby is hungry (just in case). You can also use it to blend stored breast milk to make it more palatable for your baby. Stored breast milk can separate into layers. The fat can form a layer on top and the liquid can settle at the bottom. Separated breast milk will also not pass through nipples easily. When you use a baby bottle maker, you can easily blend the stored breast milk right before you feed it to your baby.