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Safety Measures in Buying and Using Tent Heaters

Gone are the days when we have to collect firewood and start making a campfire to stay warm during a memorable camping vacation.

But still, we have our doubts. Are heaters for tents safe for use?

Well, there is no size that fits all. The answer depends on many factors. As we move ahead let us delve into them one by one.

Factors to consider while buying heaters for tents

Here is a list of factors you should check before finalizing on your camping tent heater:

Source of electricity: If your camping site has a power source, you could opt for an electric heater. Else, propane heaters should be your choice. If you carry additional refills of propane, you are good to go with your camping nights. So, check with your campsite about the same before moving on to your heater shopping.

Budget: Camp tent heaters are available in various budget ranges. The cheaper ones might sound light on the pocket but your safety might be compromised. This also doesn’t mean that the costliest heaters promise safety. No. Look for established brands that guarantee warranty and offer heaters in the medium price range.

Features: Choose tent heaters that have modern facilities such as auto tip in incase of any unforeseen incidents. They help avoid major hazards and you can have peace of mind. Check for the label – “For indoor use” on any tent heater. When choosing a tent heater, check if it is tilt proof and comes with a low oxygen level detector.

Seek friend’s advice: If you are embarking on your first camping or had an unpleasant experience with camp heaters in the last camping, make sure to reach out to friends and family members who have good experience in camping. Take their suggestions about choosing the brand of heater. You might as well get a solid piece of advice that might save bucks for you as well as guarantee safety.

Size of tent: Bigger sized tents might need propane-based heaters. If you have a power source at the camping site, you might safely choose an electric heater too. For small camping tents, battery-powered models are best suited.

The number of people: This decides the size of the tent indirectly. For one person, a smaller to medium tent might suffice, and thus a tent heater might be chosen accordingly. For two persons, the tent shall be bigger and you would need a tent heater of capacity 2000 BTUs.

Safety measures while using tent heaters:

First, we should understand that despite its make and model, any tent heater might cause hazards. It is, after all, made to heat the surroundings. So, care should be taken from our side not to make it the culprit.

Follow these precautions to enjoy a safer camping experience with your tent heater:

•  Soon after purchasing tent heaters, read the instruction manual end to end. The manufacturer indicates the dos and don’ts of your new purchase.

•  Additionally, you should gather enough knowledge on carbon monoxide suffocation and understand how to detect it and safeguard yourself from it.

•  Do not forget to pack a carbon monoxide detector in your camping tool kit.

•  If the tent heater is already an old one, check if it has still a warranty. Else, get it checked with an expert before heading on to the camping.

•  If you are using a propane tent heater, make sure to put the propane tank outside the tent and heater inside while in use. Double-check that the connecting hose is tight enough and is not leaking the gas in any way.

•  Allow sufficient ventilation for airflow and moisture to move in and out of your tent. This reduces the risks of gas leaks if any.

•  Place the heater six inches, four feet, and three feet away from the sides, the top, and the front of the tent respectively.

•  Keep away all the flammable and items that might get heated such as clothes, plastic bags, and sleeping pillows, and bags from the tent heater.


Tent heaters are like any other equipment that we use in our daily life. It is up to us to choose a proven brand not compromising on cost or our safety. When handled with care and knowledge, one can enjoy the fullest benefits of tent heaters.

Everything You Need To Know About Postmates Promo Codes

One of the leading companies in the on-demand delivery space since 2011, Postmates has become the go-to service for quick deliveries in cities and suburbs in the United States. Do you want to order takeout from your favorite restaurant? Or get ice cream, pizza, burgers, cakes, and other snack items? Flowers from the florist? Groceries from the grocery store? Bath items and accessories from the spa shop? Clothing and shoes from a fashion store? Supplies from the convenience store, the hardware store, or the electronics store? Perhaps you need medicines, vitamins, and supplements?

Postmates can pick up almost any items from anywhere in your city—except for living animals, drugs, weapons, and other legally prohibited things—and deliver them right to your doorstep in the shortest possible amount of time. You can customize the delivery for non-contact delivery or curbside pickup both at your home and office.

To get started with Postmates, you can sign up for their service on their website, or you can download the mobile app on your device. You can then enter your home address and start shopping for what you need. Postmates are in partnership with over 25,000 businesses; if there is a green checkmark next to the business name, it means it is a Partner Merchant. And they will charge significantly lower delivery charges for these businesses as compared to what they will charge for those that they are not in partnership with.

You can get further reductions in delivery prices or on your total purchase price by using Postmates promo codes. You can find these in the Promos and Credit section of their website/app.

How to use Postmates promo codes

It is easy to use Postmates promo codes. You can open the Postmates app and search for the business options available locally in your city. The Postmates’ front screen will show the most popular businesses as well as their Partner Merchant businesses. Click Activate Cashback to visit the store.

After selecting the item you want to order, you can add it to the cart and click or tap on the view cart. You will see a promo code box near the total payment. You can paste or type the Postmates promo code into this box and click or tap on the apply button. If the coupon is valid for the purchase, you will be able to see how much you can save. Then you can place your order and await your delivery.

Types of Postmates promo codes

Postmates offer various promo codes on a rotating basis, so you can have plenty of options to get the best available offers. Here are a few examples:

•  Coupon to get $10 off on your order.

•  Coupon to get $5 off on the first five orders at Postmates.

•  Discount code to get free $100 delivery credit.

•  Discount code to get free delivery for seven days.

•  Deal to get free delivery from trending restaurants.

•  Deal to get a free trial on Postmates Unlimited.

•  Deal to sign up for Postmates Unlimited for only $9.99 per month.

•  Deal to get an Unlimited annual subscription for only $9.99.

•  10% cashback offer on deliveries for new customers.

•  Free shipping on two orders.

•  Free delivery on favorites

•  Promo code for earning $15 after spending $10.

•  Promo code for $15 off on first order and free delivery.

Where to find Postmates promo codes

You can find a range of promo codes on the Postmates website/app and also on many other websites offering coupons. There will be different coupons based on different seasons, cities, and so on. Some Postmates promo codes may be available only for limited periods, so you may want to check frequently to find current and upcoming discounts and free offers. You will also be able to get information about weekend events, popular eateries, and more. Additionally, you will receive notifications for special deals such as Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals, Halloween deals, Cash Bay days, and more.

To stay updated on all the offers, you can subscribe to the website newsletters, if they have one, or follow Postmates and the other coupon sites on various social media platforms.

What Exactly is a Banjo? History, Parts, and Much More?

Banjo originated in Africa. But it is now played by people across the world. It is a stringed musical instrument that has a rich history. If you desire to be the best beginner banjo player or are just a curious soul, you may be interested in knowing more about this wonderful instrument.


Banjo and banjo-like stringed instruments were popular in Africa in the 13th century and perhaps in the earlier times too. But the first known historical accounts of the banjo reference the 13th century. It was known to be played by people in the sub-Saharan region.

The banjo arrived in the Caribbean and the United States with slavery. The slaves from the African region remembered the instrument and tried to replicate it in the new land. It had become quite popular in the United States by 1781 as it was once referenced by Thomas Jefferson.

With time; people already settled in the United States began to play the banjo. It only added to the instrument’s popularity. By 1840 and beyond, it was also played by minstrel troupes and the instrument’s reach went beyond the United States. The minstrel troupes added a fifth string to the instrument. In the times of the Civil War, it was played to entertain the soldiers. In the rural areas of the southern states, it became even more popular. Slowly, it also began to be played at universities.

Different styles emerged and the banjo players adapted to it in a myriad of ways. It was adopted by bluegrass musicians. Earl Scruggs, the most well-known of all bluegrass banjo players, popularized the instrument nationwide. It has been adopted by several musicians since then – from folk music to more mainstream styles.

Banjo Parts

The neck is made of wood. It supports the strings and the tuners as well. The fingerboard is on the top of the neck. It contains inlays and frets for more accurate pitches. A metal rod runs through the neck. The rod is used to support the neck.

The pot is the other main component of the instrument. Its head is made from a membrane. Earlier animal skin was used to make it, now it’s made from synthetic material. The bridge on the head is movable. The rim of the pot is made of wood. It acts as the base for other parts too. A metal loop keeps the head in place. The loop can be adjusted for size.
The toe ring inside the banjo impacts the instrument’s tone quality. It can be made from wood or metal. The material of the toe ring will affect the instrument’s tone quality.

The back of the banjo can be open or closed. The piece in the closed instruments is referred to as the resonator. It helps to project the sound properly. Otherwise; it can disappear via the open back. The resonator adds to the volume of the banjo. It is more suited to play in bands. But people also prefer the open-back banjo, which is ideal for mellow musical sounds.


There are different variants of the banjo. Other than open-back and resonator banjos, there are differences in the number of strings also. The standard banjo has five strings. The earliest instruments were made with four strings only. Then the number was increased anywhere between five to nine strings.

Banjo can be played with a pick or fingers.

The best beginner banjo variant is the four-stringed instrument. It can be played as a ukulele, mandolin, or the guitar. Tenor banjos have a rather short scale. Plectrum banjos are played with guitar picks. The five-string banjos are most popular these days. It is often seen played by mainstream musicians.

On rare occasions, you can also find banjos with six or 12 strings. Hybrid banjos are a combination of guitar-banjo or ukulele-banjo.

Buying the Banjo

It is important to buy your first banjo with the utmost care. Try to find as much as you can about the variants. Choose a reputed seller to buy the instrument. It is also important to invest in learning resources if you wish to learn to play it with self-tutorials.

Banjo is a versatile instrument. Beginners can also enjoy it to a great extent.

Tips for Buying Yeezus Clothes Online
yeezus clothes

If you plan to buy clothes from Kanye West design collection, you don’t need to wait in line or leave the house to buy Yeezus clothes. You can try your favorite clothing online and save your time selecting the best fit for yourself.

Below are a few online shopping tips for buying clothes from the Kanye West collection

Know Your Measurements

One of the best things about Yeezus clothes is a casual look. Just pair it with jeans and a large Yeezus T-shirt to give a cool look. But the question arises which size is a perfect fit for you while selecting clothes online. Although sizes vary according to brands, you only need the correct size of yours in the same brand clothing. Not sure where to begin, you need an old measuring tape and take the note of your bust, waist, hip, and inseam to get the accurate measurement.

Check The Size Chart

Online shopping doesn’t give you the luxury to check and try out the fittings. However, the size chart can help you in this case. Size charts offer different sizes marking of online clothes. Take a glance at the size chart on the website before buying clothes isn’t a bad idea. You also get an opportunity to match different pairs of clothes. Trying new Yeezus clothes style makes you stand out of the pack. Playing with different colors and apparel will surprise your looks.

Read Reviews

Customer reviews are precious when shopping for clothes online. The reviews give you a real perspective of the outfit you want to buy. Take a look at the size, fittings, and quality of material in the review section to get a better idea. As outfits on the website may look good for you, it might end up being tights when it reaches you.

Familiar With Fabrics

If you think about the outfits’ fabric, Yeezus clothes from Kanye West design have a lightweight fabric with very soft material. The clothes are 100% cotton and give you comfort after you wear them. The fun pattern and professional printing of the outfits ensure the durability of the color.

While a search for Yeezus outfits, you don’t need an excellent idea of fabric content. But for any other clothes online, you need to make a note of the material composition.

Look To The Catwalk

Photos of the outfits online can be deceiving, so if you get an opportunity to try out the cloth in action, then jump on it. Many websites include videos of products alongside the product shots to give you a better idea.

Be Flexible

The color may appear different on-screen than the product you receive it. You should be prepared for your products after they arrive; it might have a slightly different hue if it doesn’t match your chosen products. But online shopping has given you an added advantage of returning the clothes in case of any discrepancy.

Take Note

While shopping online, keep a note of a list of online brands you shopped with according to your size and fittings. It will make your future purchase easier. Not only will you have a record of outfits you love but, you’ll also have the guesswork about the items.

Order based On Your Largest Size

Our body doesn’t measure the same throughout. Your waist is less than your bust. That doesn’t mean you return any product as it doesn’t have the perfect fittings of yours. If something is close to your fitting, you may order a larger size and get it stitched by yourself or by your tailor for perfect fittings.

Edit Your Cart

As you want to buy things online, don’t just waste your money on any brand. Brands from good designers are worth buying, and you may team them with different other outfits to give a cool look. Avoid buying things you’ll regret later. Also, ask yourself if you need the product in your closet and will wear it. If you are still obsessed with any outfit and wear after a few days, then go for it. Know when it is time to amp up the style that works for you.

How to Buy the Perfect Blue Tarp
blue tarps

Blue tarps, which are of light-duty polyethylene, are low grade, affordable covers with multiple short-term applications. They are waterproof, not easy to tear, and resistant to the effects of UV rays, acid, and mildew. You can use them as covers for your car, motorcycle, boat, machinery, products, woodpile, and more. Additionally, blue tarps are suitable for making tents, to cover damaged roofs, as temporary awnings, and so on.

While you can find plenty of uses for them for private and commercial purposes, they are not very durable and generally have a limited service life. However, you can extend it to the maximum by using them only for jobs they can handle. It will also help if you consider several blue tarp features and make your purchase according to what will best suit your purpose.

How to Buy the Perfect Blue Tarp

If you want a blue tarp to use around your place, here’s how you can buy the perfect blue tarp:

Get a Blue Tarp of the Right Size

Before buying a blue tarp, be clear about why you need it. Is it to serve as a vehicle cover? Or, to cover a roof? Do you want to erect a makeshift shelter? From the purpose, you can determine the size. There are different sized tarps for different needs. For instance, if you need a blue tarp to cover your car, you will want one that is large enough to fit over it. At the same time, you do not want it to be so large that there is excess material left that is difficult to manage.

Fortunately, you can get a blue tarp in the exact dimensions you require. If it is for your car, take the vehicle’s measurements and add a couple of inches to them. You can then shop for a tarp of that size. Since most retailers stock tarps in different sizes, finding the right one should not be hard.

Find a Blue Tarp of the Right Thickness

Tarps are available in a range of thicknesses. You can get lightweight ones of 5 to 8 mils as well as heavier ones that are of 16 to 24 mils. As with size, you will need to consider your purpose when selecting a blue tarp. A thicker tarp will be more durable and better suited for prolonged outdoor use, but it will also be bulky and heavy. While it will be resistant to tearing, you might find it difficult to transport around. So, if you select a thicker tarp, it will be better if it is for purposes that will not require you to haul it around.

It might be best to go with a lightweight tarp if you foresee having to move it frequently to different locations.

Check That the Blue Tarp has the Right Durability

If you are going to use the blue tarp outdoors, you need to make sure that it is durable enough to withstand the constant exposure to the elements. Look for one that is UV resistant and will not deteriorate too soon from being exposed to long hours of harsh sunlight. Some tarps may have undergone a fire retardant treatment to ensure they will not catch fire easily.

You also want a blue tarp that can resist the growth of mold and mildew to provide better protection to the things it is covering and to prevent health problems. Additionally, the tarp should also be waterproof and tear-resistant to minimize the risk of leakage.

It will also help to make sure that the blue tarp as reinforced stitching on the corners or the sides to provide extra protection. Furthermore, you want it to have brass grommets at close intervals on the outer edge. These grommets make it easier to tie down the tarp with a rope when you want to cover something securely, and they will be durable and more long-lasting if they are of brass.

Hopefully, with these suggestions, you will be able to pick the perfect blue tarp for your purpose. When you are not using it, be sure to fold and store it in a dry area indoors. It will last longer then and give you more value for your money.